Loma Linda restauran this un unique place with the best view to the arenal volcano and arenal lake, Our menu offers great variety of local and foreing dishes
Loma Linda Restaurant is a popular restaurant located in El Castillo, La Fortuna, Costa Rica. The restaurant is known for its delicious Costa Rican and international cuisine, as well as its beautiful location with panoramic views of the Arenal Volcano and Lake.

The menu at Loma Linda Restaurant includes a range of dishes such as seafood, meat, pasta, sandwiches, and salads. The restaurant has a casual and relaxed atmosphere, and is known for its friendly service.

The restaurant has great food and a beautiful location, and is a must-visit when in El Castillo. Some reviewers have mentioned that the prices can be a bit higher than at other restaurants in the area, but the quality of the food and service is worth it.